the best deals on KOBO e-readers

READ GOOD PLAN. Fnac Flash sales are starting and there are many promotional offers available with them. If you’re looking for an eReader to replace your entire library, now is the time for great deals!


While it is often said that nothing is better than a good book, e-readers are still a great alternative for many people. Practical, easy to use and transport, e-readers have quickly established themselves as a great way to (re) discover your favorite books wherever you are! If you are looking for a good e-reader at a lower cost, you might be interested in the Fnac Flash sales currently taking place.

KOBO is certainly one of the best-known brands of digital e-readers worldwide. While they don’t actually have “first price” references, the KOBO range has enough assets to regularly be listed among the top e-readers in the market. This applies in particular to the KOBO scales. This version of the KOBO e-reader is normally available for 179.99 euros and is currently offered at a price of 159.99 euros.

Kobo by Fnac E-Reader – Kobo Libra H2O Black

159.99 euros SEE THE OFFER Fnac

Kobo by Fnac E-Reader – Kobo Libra H2O White

159.99 euros SEE THE OFFER Fnac

With Fnac sales you also get a good offer for the KOBO Forma, the features (including autonomy) of which are several euros more superior to those of the KOBO Libra. Usually offered for 279.99 euros, thanks to Fnac’s promotions, the price is currently 249.99 euros.

Kobo by Fnac E-Reader – Kobo Forma

249.99 SEE THE OFFER Fnac

Note that the KOBO Libra is available in two different colors (black and white). These prices are only valid during the Fnac Flash sale, which takes place from April 28th, 2021 to May 3rd, 2021 within the scope of the available stocks. So don’t hesitate too long if you want to save money on one of these KOBO brand e-readers.

Euros are offered in Fnac gift cards


In addition to the offers available with Fnac Flash Sales, the site also allows you to restore a gift card with a variable value that depends on the amount you have spent on your purchases:

10 euros gift card per 100 euros, cumulative up to 50 euros with the code FNAC10. The offer applies to all smartphones and smartphone accessories with the exception of the new purple products iPhone 12 5G and iPhone 12 mini 5G. Offer reserved for Fnac members. Legal notices can be found on the Fnac website. 30 euros gift card for every 200 euros, cumulative up to 90 euros with the code FNAC30. The offer applies to all departments with the exception of smartphones and smartphone accessories, with a few exceptions, which can be found on the official Fnac website. The gift card offer is only valid from Wednesday, 04/28/21 to Friday, 04/30/21.

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