the best Fnac Flash sales offers

GOOD SMARTPHONE PLAN. This is the big break for Fnac Flash Sales. Among the many references available on the site, there are several smartphones that are going down in price. The perfect time to equip yourself at a lower cost!


If you are looking for a new smartphone, the Fnac flash sale might be the perfect opportunity. This wave of advertising initiated by the French giant affects several major cell phone references. From Huawei to Samsung to Apple you will find many manufacturers there whose products are currently available on offer. Don’t hesitate too long as these flash sales are limited in time!

Korean giant Samsung isn’t stingy when it comes to price cuts. Many of the manufacturer’s products have price drops related to Fnac Flash sales. This applies in particular to the “Low Cost” range of the Samsung Galaxy A12 and A21S, whose prices fall below 200 euros. The Samsung Galaxy A12 is an excellent benchmark among inexpensive smartphones. It is fully compatible with 4G and 3G networks and has 128GB which will allow you to store your photos and videos for several years! Normally available for 229 euros, it currently costs 179 euros for Fnac Flash sales.

Smartphone Samsung Galaxy A12 6.5 “Dual SIM 128 GB Black

179.99 euros SEE THE OFFER Fnac

The Samsung Galaxy A21S is also on sale. This smartphone only has 32GB of storage but can accommodate a micro SD card if you feel cramped. The autonomy and fast charging are the main advantages so that you can use it for almost two days without having to charge it. A good deal whose usual price of 219 euros for the time of the Fnac Flash sale is 199 euros.

Smartphone Samsung Galaxy A21s Dual SIM 32 GB Prisma white

199 euros SEE THE OFFER on Fnac

If you have a bigger budget, the Samsung Galaxy S20FE might be of interest to you. This high-end smartphone is also available in different colors (white, blue, orange, red, green and purple). With a large storage capacity of 128 GB, this smartphone is characterized in many areas by autonomy or camera, the quality of which allows you to take excellent pictures. This smartphone is usually priced at 659 euros and is currently available for 600 euros!

Smartphone Samsung Galaxy S20FE 6.5 “Dual SIM 128 GB white

600 euros SEE THE OFFER on Fnac

Several price cuts on Huawei’s best smartphones

Huawei isn’t left out in promotions as the manufacturer’s P40s have also been hit by Fnac flash sales. These smartphones are available in Classic, Lite or Pro versions and are currently on sale on the French giant’s website at a price drop. The P40 Lite is the “low cost” option in the range. It is fully compatible with 4G phone networks and has 128 GB of storage for your files. A good place to start if you want a Huawei smartphone at a cheaper price, as the usual price of 219 euros is 199 euros.

Huawei P40 Lite Dual SIM 128 GB smartphone midnight black

199 euros SEE THE OFFER on Fnac

If you’re on a bigger budget, you could fall for the high-end version, namely the P40 Pro. This smartphone, which is compatible with 5G networks, offers particularly good storage space for your files at 256 GB. The P40 Pro also shines with its three sensors (50 Mpx, 16 Mpx and 8 Mpx) and its optics on its Zoom x5 photo part, which can go up to x50 digitally. Enough to capture even the smallest details in the distance. Usually available for 749 euros, the P40 Pro drops to 699 euros.

Huawei P40 Pro 5G Dual SIM 256 GB black smartphone

699 euros SEE THE OFFER on Fnac

Warning: Do not forget that since the P40, there are no longer any Google services or their applications installed by default on Huawei smartphones (e.g. Gmail or Google Map). However, a Huawei-specific application store is available and built into the product line so you can find your favorite applications.

The apple brand is obviously one of the manufacturers affected by Fnac flash sales. We find the iPhone SE in the 64 GB, 128 GB and 256 GB versions in advertisements. Several colors are available for each reference, depending on your taste (red, black, white). As a reminder, the iPhone SE is a mid-range smartphone that was launched in April 2020 and comes with a 4.7-inch Retina HD screen. The camera has a 12 Mpx sensor and can record up to 4K quality with 60 frames per second. Although it has already been in service for several months, it remains a high-quality smartphone that still receives many updates.

Apple iPhone SE 4.7 “64 GB Dual SIM White V2

449 euros SEE THE OFFER on Fnac

Apple iPhone SE 4.7 “128 GB dual SIM card RED V2

499 euros SEE THE OFFER Fnac

Apple iPhone SE 4.7 “256 GB Dual SIM Black V2

743.62 euros SEE THE OFFER Fnac

In addition to the offers available with Fnac Flash Sales, the site also allows you to restore a gift card with a variable value that depends on the amount you have spent on your purchases:

10 euros gift card per 100 euros, cumulative up to 50 euros with the code FNAC10. The offer applies to all smartphones and smartphone accessories with the exception of the new purple products iPhone 12 5G and iPhone 12 mini 5G. Offer reserved for Fnac members. Legal notices can be found on the Fnac website. The gift card offer is only valid from Wednesday, 04/28/21 to Friday, 04/30/21.


Note that there are many other offers available on the Fnac website. You might find the high-tech product of your dreams for sale there. The Fnac Flash sale takes place from Wednesday, April 28th, 9:00 a.m. at the Tuesday, May 4th, 1 p.m. After this date, the various offers and their prices should change quickly. Also note that Fnac Flash sales are based on available inventory.

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