the Razer Hammerhead at -50%

GOOD DEAL WIRELESS HEADPHONES. If you are a fan of mobile video games or just looking for good headphones for your music and videos, Amazon is currently offering a great discount on the Razer Hammerhead wireless headphones, which are now available at half price.

Wireless headphones have seen a boom in recent years. The democratization of these products was achieved in particular through the appearance of references that are now well anchored in the company with the famous AirPods from Apple or Buds from Samsung. More and more brands are entering the wireless earbud market, each trying to offer their own unique features with new innovations. These products, which are generally available from many resellers, are regularly affected by online promotional offers such as sales or Black Friday.

Headphones for gamers and music lovers

If Razer is best known for its very good PC gaming peripherals (mice, keyboards, headsets …), the brand also offers other more atypical products that can meet certain needs. This is the case with the Razer Hammerheads, which allow mobile title players to enjoy great audio quality anywhere. With their extremely low latency, the Razer Hammerheads guarantee perfect synchronization between your mobile display and your listening experience. Their waterproof design also makes them waterproof, which makes them perfect to enjoy outdoors as well. The Razer Hammerheads are usually offered for $ 119.99 on Amazon and are currently on sale for only $ 59.99! A nice drop of half the price for high quality headphones.

Hammerhead True Wireless Headphones


119.99 € View


The redoubt



The Razer Hammerheads have a battery life of up to 15 hours of listening time with the included charging case. They also have a touchscreen interface that allows you to easily control your music with your fingertips. Note that these prices can change quickly depending on news or stocks available.

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