Up to 300 euros reduction at Darty

GOOD OFFER LAPTOP PC. If you are in the market for a new laptop, this may be the right time to get a good deal. Several laptop pc references are currently being offered on the Darty website with discounts as low as -30%.

Difficult to equip while global pandemic severely impacts computer component production. However, laptops do not appear to be very affected by the phenomenon and remain available. Also, they can sometimes benefit from nice promotions. This is currently the case on the Darty website which has various special offers on various references of laptops including ASUS and ACER devices. These have a configuration that is powerful enough to accompany you on your business trips.

Great promotions are running on laptops

Regardless of whether you are a student or already a professional, these laptops will completely satisfy you with their specifications. Take the Acer Aspire A517-52G-72P7, which is currently being advertised, for example. This laptop has an Intel Core i7 processor and 16GB of RAM for good daily performance. This computer comes with the Windows 10 operating system so you can start enjoying it right away without purchasing a Windows license. The Acer Aspire A517-52G-72P7 has several USB ports for connecting your peripheral devices (mouse, headphones, external hard drive …). This laptop is typically available for $ 1299.99 and is currently priced at $ 959.99 on the Darty website.

Acer Aspire A517-52G-72P7 laptop PC

959.99 € SEE OFFER at Darty

The ASUS brand is not omitted from these promotions. As evidenced by the ASUS ZENBOOK products, two of which are currently being offered at very attractive price reductions. In particular, the first laptop laptop ASUS ZENBOOK OLED UM325UA-KG008T is equipped with an AMD Ryzen 5 processor and 8 GB of RAM, which is enough for many people. It also has a 512GB SSD hard drive to store all of your important files. Like the other references available from Darty, this ASUS laptop also has a Windows 10 license. In terms of connections, you also have multiple USB ports but also a micro SD card reader for easy recovery of all your photos. This ASUS ZENBOOK OLED UM325UA-KG008T laptop PC normally costs 1099.99 euros and is currently available for 799.99 euros.

Asus Zenbook OLED Laptop PC UM325UA-KG008T

799.99 € SEE OFFER at Darty

If you have a slightly larger budget and are concerned that this reference does not have enough features for your rather heavy tasks, the above range might be of interest to you: the ASUS ZENBOOK OLED UX325EA -KG315T. If this computer has a processor that is a little less efficient with its Intel Core i5, it still has more RAM with 16GB of RAM. With its autonomy of up to 13 hours and its low weight of 1.11 kg, you can easily take it with you everywhere! Very rare for this price: this laptop also has a Full HD OLED screen. The ASUS ZENBOOK OLED UX325EA-KG315T is typically priced at 1299.99 euros and is currently available on the Darty website for 999.99 euros.

Asus ZenBook OLED Laptop PC with NumPad UX325EA-KG315T – Exclusive

999.99 € SEE OFFER at Darty


These references aren’t the only ones being advertised. The Darty site currently offers many products with attractive price reductions. Please note, however, that these special offers are only valid for a limited time and that these special prices are only valid while stocks last. So do not hesitate too long to get good offers and do not hesitate to consult the other cumulative offers offered on the site.

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