Up to -60% on your bill!

INTERNET BOX PROMO. An exclusive private sale with Bouygues Telecom enables you to benefit from a discounted internet subscription. With the offer for an ADSL or fiber optic subscription, which is valid until November 2nd, you can save up to 60% on your bill. Enough to earn up to 200 euros a year …

Black Friday is not here yet and offers and good deals are rare while waiting for the big day. However, some cannot be overlooked. This is the case with a private sale organized by BeMove (website of the Le Figaro CCM Benchmark group such as Linternaute.com) with Bouygues Telecom and relating to your internet subscription. Please note that this offer is only valid until November 2nd. Regardless of whether you log in using an ADSL connection or fiber optic, this can cut your internet bill significantly. Depending on the subscription and consumption, four suggestions are made: two in ADSL, two in fiber optics. The suggested prices are for one year and allow access to Bbox Fit offers with fiber optics or Bbox Must. The latter entitles you to a “triple play” offer with an HD TV decoder! To use it and get all the information just click the button below:

All information

With optical fibers from 9.99 euros per month to 14.99 months per month for one year

There are therefore two options available for fiber optics:

The first allows a downflow of up to 300 megabits per second while using a fixed telephone line. The subscription includes calls to 110 countries. The second offer is billed for a year at 14.99 euros per month and offers downlink speeds of up to 1 Gbit / s and “triple play” with an HD decoder compatible with Android TV and 180 TV channels.

With ADSL the same prices for one year 9.99 euros or 14.99 euros per month, depending on the selected package

Don’t have access to fiber optics at home? Don’t panic, this private sale is also dedicated to you and offers two offers that are valid for an ADSL connection.

The first ADSL offer costs 9.99 euros per month for a year with a maximum speed of 90 Mbit / s and a fixed telephone line with calls to 110 countries. The second offer costs 14.99 euros per month and offers an HD TV decoder with Android TV and access to 180 TV channels.

Take a look at the offers in detail and register

One year commitment only and the option to keep your phone number!


The proposed rates are for one year and then increase to € 25.99 and € 36.99. But good news, the commitment period is only one year! Nothing prevents you from terminating this contract free of charge at the end of this period. Finally, if you want to keep your current phone number, Bouygues Telecom takes care of everything. On request, Bouygues Telecom manages the portability and therefore the transmission of your line. Finally, Bouygues Telecom reimburses up to 100 euros for the termination costs of your old access provider if you subscribe to one of these Bbox packages. All you have to do is complete the delayed repayment offer (ODR) available online in your customer area.

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